Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who Am I?

I only know myself in You
My identity is tied
to the loving perfect one
who changed me from inside

His Spirit is within
My eternal friend
Never far His temple dwells
Within my very tissue cells

I am my Father's girl
And He is my whole world
I treasure who and what I am
bought with a price, his blood, His plan

I am fully known
And my life is not my own
I walk the path my Jesus trod
I am a child of Most High God

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey Jeremiah, Need a Lift?

Jeremiah down the well.
Tossed in mud.
Deep and stuck.
All alone and out of luck.

Dark, alone that man of God.
Faithful to His call.
With ropes came Ebed-Melech.
God was in it all.

(Jeremiah 38:7-13)

Nothing happens in this life that gets past God. Patient endurance. That's where it's at. God has our front, back and middle. Even when it seems dim, His anchor holds within the veil. Jeremiah must have meditated a lot in his ministry. Trusted that in all the chaos, God reigned.

Keep us ever faithful till the end Lord.
In Jesus,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pray Twice. Sing Your heart Out.

"A hymn is a prayer twice prayed". Martin Luther said it and was apparently restating a quote from St. Augustine. How true though. Sing to Jesus. Write your own or pick one from the saints. They've gone though it before us :) When the words don't come, sing your heart out.

Jesus Lead Thou On
Cento by Christian McGregor,

Jesus lead Thou on, till our rest is won.
And although the way be cheerless, we will follow calm and fearless.
Guide us by Thy hand. To our father land.

If the way be drear. If the foe be near.
Let not faithless fears o'etake us. Let not faith and hope forsake us.
For through many a woe. to our home we go.

When we seek relief; from a long felt grief.
When temptations come alluring, make us patient and enduring.
Show us that bright shore, where we weep no more.

Jesus lead Thou on till our rest is won.
Heavenly leader, still direct us. Still support, control, protect us.
Till we safely land, in our father land.