Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you?

Do you ponder the deep things of God?
Does your mind wander away and abroad?
To His knowledge so vast,
Of His ways far from ours,
Do you fathom these things while you work on the chores?

Do you calculate the cost?
Does it matter He rescued you when you were lost?
To the ways that he searched
How He calls out in dreams
Do you grasp what it cost him and all that it means?

Do you know His cost is free?
Do His gifts become yours if you only believe?
To heal your wounds and serve you still
His blood is the price the healer paid
Do you see He's by your side to give you aid?

Do you thank Him day by day?
Do you wonder how the planets stay in place?
His written word is always reassuring
To reassure the soul He answers prayer
Do you know the Lord is always there?